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Stevedoring and Shore Handling Policy

Stevedoring includes loading and unloading and stowage of cargo in any form on board of the vessel in Ports.

Shore handling includes arranging and receiving the cargo to/from the hook point, inter modal transport from wharf to stack yard and vice-versa and also receiving and delivering of cargo from/to trucks/ wagons.

The policy covers the following activities:-

  • Stevedoring activities are undertaken by licensed stevedore at, JNPT.
  • Shore handling activities are undertaken by licensed Shore handling agents or by agents under any other name.

No agency shall undertake to perform these activities in JNPT, without having a valid licence issued by JNPT for the Stevedoring and shore handling operations.

Stevedoring and Shore handling policy does not apply to a port operated Stevedoring and Shore handling; this exemption is only for operations entirely carried out by port and not for operations carried out by agents partly or fully using the port’s labour. This policy also does not apply to PPP & BoT berth operations.

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