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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

We are bidding good-bye to another year in our lives. But, unlike earlier years, we are saying good-bye to a year which will remain etched in our memory due to the unprecedented pandemic on human lives.

I am reminded of the saying ‘tough times never last; tough people do’, which I think is a very apt description of the situation.

For the ports sector and JNPT, in particular, the pandemic brought out the best in all of us – exporters and importers, freight forwarders, terminal operators, shipping lines, container freight stations and above all the port employees - to tackle the challenges it entailed on a war footing. COVID-19 re-oriented the way we operate, spawned a lot of innovative, out of the box thinking to keep the supply of essential goods moving. We adjusted to the changing scenario and requirements with aplomb.

During the year, the JNPT doubled up on our efforts to ensure more ease of doing business for users of the port. We are now fully back on track as far as operations and volumes are concerned. The continued patronage shown by the employees, their families, trade and stakeholders bodes well for the port and I cannot thank you much for this. I hope and wish that you will continue to engage with the port at a much larger level in times to come, to help JNPT reach greater heights.

We, as a port, are always willing to walk the extra mile to ensure that our customers are happy. With all your enthusiasm and hard work, JNPT has firmly anchored itself as the major catalyst for trade and commerce in the country. We have set ourselves a high benchmark for 2021 and I have my utmost confidence in the vibrant workforce at JNPT that we will achieve our goal with resounding success.

It is also my constant endeavour to see that all of you and your families are safe and healthy and I urge you to remain vigilant without compromising on some of the basic precautions including masking-up that has now come to be identified as the new normal.

With greetings and best wishes, I wish you all a very happy and prosperous 2021!

Take Care, Stay Safe

With warm regards


Chairmans message